Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First OB Visit

Hi everyone,

Well, it has been a few weeks since my last post but I didn't have much news. Now I am back with an update!

The last I left you with was that I needed to go to my last ultrasound with the monitoring clinic and then as long as everything was fine, I would be discharged from there and then free to see my regular OB. Well, I had the last ultrasound, and while the sub chorionic hematoma is still there, the doctor didn't think it would cause any more problems, and that my body will just absorb it on its own. So, the clinic in Connecticut has discharged me as their patient and I was cleared to see my regular OB.

I am 12 weeks on Thursday, and while this trimester has taken forever, largely because I found out so early that I was pregnant, but also because I haven't felt well, I am so glad that it is almost over! I am currently weening off of the progesterone in oil shots. I have to take the shot every other day until I get to 12 weeks. Instead of two tablets twice a day of estrogen, I am down to two tablets, once per day, and of course, the low dose aspirin, all until I reach 12 weeks. I tell ya, I am going to be very happy when these shots and the popping pills are over with. For those of you that know me well enough, you know that I don't like to take medications, even for a headache. I usually try to deal with the pain, or sleep it off, before I pop an ibuprofen or something. This has by far been the most medications I have ever taken in my life!

So, once I got the clearance, I called my regular OB's office to schedule my first prenatal appointment with them. The way my doctor's office does it, I make the first appointment where I see the nurse who does blood work, and takes a urine sample, to confirm pregnancy. Well, I told them that wouldn't be necessary given my monitoring appointments with the other clinic and brought along my medical records from there so they could have a look. After that appointment, I can see the doctor, usually the next week, and so I made an appointment for that as well.

Monday was my appointment with the nurse. I went to the appointment with a little anxiety. Mostly because when calling to make the appointments, after explaining my situation, there would be silence on the other end of the line. No: "Oh that's great" or "Oh, okay, let me help you with that." Just silence! So, arriving to my appointment, I was trying to be prepared for whatever they would say to me. The nurse called me back, and I handed her my medical records to take a look at, and then she weighed me. I surprisingly have only gained 4 pounds. Considering I haven't been throwing up, just extremely nauseous, and haven't been able to work out, I thought it was decent. Whatever lol.

She then brought me to one of the rooms, and took my blood pressure and filled in some information on their computer system. The subject of my next appointment came up, and the nurse mentioned that I would need a pap smear at my next appointment, and I said: "oh okay, I guess Dr. Snider can do that when I see him next week." Then I knew why I had been so nervous! The nurse clasped her hands, sat down in front of me, and said: "Actually, Dr. Snider won't be seeing you for this pregnancy." Umm, what?!?!? She continues with: "He is Catholic, and doesn't agree with what you are doing. He doesn't prescribe birth control to his patients either, haha." Slowly, but surely, my eyes started filling with tears, and while the nurse continued with whatever excuse he had told her to say, I was trying to control the outburst of emotion that was hitting me. The tears were flowing at this point, and I say in the middle of gulps (thanks hormones): "Well, it would've been nice to know that ahead of time, like perhaps when I called to make the appointment, so that I could have made other arrangements." The nurse said: "What other arrangements?" I said: "Well I could've tried to find another OB that does agree with what I am doing, maybe?" Which is when the nurse mentions Dr. Petelin. She has great things to say about her, and as I am still wiping tears, she suggests that I could meet her before my next appointment. I agreed. A woman doctor might be nice for this situation, perhaps a little more understanding, and compassionate. The nurse left the room, and came back with Dr. Petelin. She's young, has three small children of her own, and I felt comfortable with her right away. But now, having had time to process the appointment and what was said, I am angry with Dr. Snider. He didn't even have the nerve to talk to me himself, and to explain his beliefs to me. Instead, he made the nurse do it! Ridiculous. I have said up to this point, that I had yet to find someone would didn't agree or like what I was doing, but I can no longer say that. My OBGYN of all people! Whatever, good riddance is all I can say if that is truly how he feels.

So, I made an appointment to see Dr. Petelin next week. The intended parents have elected to have the first trimester screening done typically between 11-13 weeks, and so I have that appointment scheduled as well. It is an ultrasound and a blood test for me, and no harm to the baby. That appointment takes place on February 18th. This test will be able to tell us if the baby has any abnormalities or birth defects. I ask you to pray that everything is found to be normal and that the baby is in good health! I will of course, keep you posted on those results! I will also post an update after my next appointment with Dr. Petelin. February has been a busy month with doctor appointments but after this, I should be doctor appointment free for at least a full month! :)

Stay tuned for more updates to come!  Thanks for reading!