Friday, August 23, 2013

Transfer is done!

You'll have to bare with me at the moment. It is hard for me to put this process into words.  We arrived at the clinic a little after 1:00 pm. They told us to go directly upstairs where we were met with a nurse who went over some paperwork. I needed to have a full bladder so I drank a liter of water. I was then taken back to the procedure room where a sonographer looked at my belly with an ultrasound machine. She said it wasn't quite full enough and that I needed to drink more. So I downed another liter of water. Overall, waiting for my bladder to fill up took about an hour! After is was found that my bladder was full enough, they started prepping for the procedure.

The embryologist came in to the room to explain the procedure a little bit and to tell us that after unthawing all four embryos, only one had survived. The intended mother and my mom were in the room with me and that was a sad moment. This is their only chance to have their own biological child. I'm not feeling any pressure at all!

Anyway, the embryologist went back to retrieve the embryo into a tiny little catheter. They suck some air into the catheter and then they suction the embryo and then another's puff of air. The first puff is to open up the uterus enough to be able to deposit the embryo, and the second puff is to make sure that the embryo is out of the catheter. The size of a uterus is only 7 centimeters. That's insane to think about it going from that size to holding a full term baby.

Now the time for me to get prepped. They had me lie on my back with my knees in the stirrups and the sonographer positioned the wand so that the doctor could see what he was doing. He then inserted a speculum that was cold and pinched but hey, I don't think there is any way for that to be comfortable! The embryologist came back with the embryo in the catheter and was waiting for the doctor to insert the rest of the instruments needed to place the embryo into the uterus. Once that was done, they carefully inserted the catheter with the embryo. On the screen, you could see the puff of air, and then the embryo, and then the second puff of air. Then they were done! The speculum was removed and inhadntonstsy flat on my back for 10 minutes.

Oh boy, after those 2 liters of water, I had to pee! BAD! I did not have to take Valium so I'm not feeling loopy or anything. Just taking it easy!

I am feeling odd at times, to think about the procedure and about seeing the embryo and to think that it is now trying to make a home in my uterus is just bizare! I am feeling the pressure of it as well! I want this to be perfect for the intended parents after all they've been through and the money they are spending on this whole process! I can't imagine the disappointment we will all feel if things don't go as we hope and pray they will. What an experience this has been so far. I won't forget it!


Transfer Day!!

Okay, so I'm sitting here in the hotel room waiting for the phone call from the fertility clinic about whether the embryo transfer will happen today or Sunday. Let me tell you, this is a very anxious, nerve racking wait!

We started our trip to Boston yesterday morning.  The flight from Kansas City took off at 10:10 and landed in North Carolina. We got off that plane and had to walk through the airport to another terminal to reach our next plane for our final destination at the Boston/Logan airport. We got there just in time as they were boarding the plane already. If we had arrived 15 minutes later we would have missed our flight. For those of you that know me pretty well, you know that I hate to fly!

After a 2 hour ride in a shared van(not ideal), we finally arrived at the hotel! We ate some food and lounged by the pool a but and then came back to the hotel room to get a good night's sleep.

I just got a call from the clinic. THE TRANSFER IS HAPPENING TODAY!!! They got confirmation from the lab that they embryos look good enough to implant today and it is set for 2:00 pm Eastern time. I have to drink lots of water and have a full bladder during the transfer to get a good  view of my uterus! I will have to be on bed rest the rest of the day. Think implanting thoughts!! I will update after the transfer is done! That is, if I'm not too loopy from the Valium I have to take! Lol


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blood draws

Well, this week has been interesting. Since I have been on the Lupron for about two weeks now, on the first day of my cycle, I had to go get blood drawn to see what level the drug is at in my blood. The agency that I'm working with and the fertility clinic in Boston have set up for me to go to a clinic in Olathe that provides same day results to Boston so that they can advise me of what to do on the same day. So, if something needs to be changed, or if I need to take more or less of the medications, then I can do that on the same day based on their advisement rather than wait a few days or sometimes even a week for results to come back.

The clinic that I am going to in Olathe is located in the doctor's building at Olathe Medical Center! Perfect location! I was worried I would have to go pretty far, but I didn't know there was a fertility clinic so close! Anyway, my first blood draw was Tuesday. After getting myself and the kids ready, I arrived there for my appointment. It is just a small office in the building, and there was a lady ahead of me, and a couple that was waiting in the seating area. I had brought snacks, drinks, and toys for the kids, and was anticipating that the blood draw would take all of 10 minutes! As I'm waiting to check in with the receptionist, there is a sign to the right of the desk that catches my eye. Second paragraph states that they have a strict "no children" policy. Then the sweating starts! Kicks in overtime actually! One of the side effects of the Lupron is excessive sweating! Umm, awesome! In my head, I'm thinking what the heck am I going to do? I can't leave them in the waiting room unattended, and no way are they going to let me take them with me while I get blood drawn. Maybe Troy is available, and I could run the kids to him, and come back and get drawn, and then go back and get the kids from his work. Finally, the lady in front of me is done, and so my turn. I walk up and give her an apologetic look and say: I'm sorry, I was not informed that you had a 'no children' policy and clearly I have my kids with me." Before I could tell her of what my plan was she says: "yeah, they are not allowed to be in here." Umm okay.

Look, I get it. I understand it can be hard for someone who is trying to conceive to see young children in that environment, and I also understand that children don't always do what you want them to do when you want them to do it, and this was one of those days for me, but she did not need to act like they were some kind of plague! So I said in the nicest voice I could find: "Okay, well, I can give my husband a call and see if he can either meet me or I can take the kids to him. He doesn't work very far away, and I could be back within 10 minutes." She says, okay to do that, and proceeds to give me some new patient paperwork to fill out, and then says:"You can go fill that out in the hall." If I could have slapped her I would have! Just in that moment.

I am still sweating, and maneuvering the stroller out of the doctor's office, and into the hall, and I call Troy. No answer. I text him and say that I have a little bit of a situation and need him to call me ASAP. He calls me back and I explain to him what the situation is, and he says that he will come meet me at the doctor's office and watch them while I get the blood drawn. Phew! In the meantime, I'm filling out the paperwork and trying to keep the kids quiet, and cleaning up some goldfish snacks that Kynlee insisted on throwing overboard! Troy texts to say that he has arrived, and I go and meet him, and head back up to finally get blood drawn! I wanted to say something to them, to express how irritated I was, but I kept quiet. I am going to have to work with these people for quite some time. I really don't want to start on the wrong end with them! So I bit my tongue, and let them prick me three times for them to get one vile of blood, and went on my way. Got the kids, hugged and kissed Troy, and off he went back to work!

I heard back from the clinic that day in Boston, and they said everything was looking good and to continue doing what I'm doing but to add a low dose aspirin and to decrease the Lupron to 10 units instead of 20. I started a different medicine that is just a small purple pill. I take one in the morning and one at night along with all of that. They said I would need to have another blood draw on Saturday (today), to check the levels again.

I called to make an appointment, and then the next day they called me to tell me that they had changed my appointment without checking with me first, and that was that. What. Ever. I went this morning and the clinic called me back this afternoon and said that the levels looked good again, and that I need to increase that little purple pill to two pills twice a day. Alrighty!

The only other symptom that I feel is pretty noticeable for me is irritability. I find myself with a little less patience for the kids and their shenanigans. I just feel like I have PMS. Not my favorite feeling but hey, could be worse!

So far, everything is still on track for the 22nd, to fly to Boston for the embryo transfer. I'm still very nervous but getting a little excited! My next blood draw is Wednesday! Fun fun!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Shots and things!

So, have you ever tickled yourself where someone else has tickled you, and it doesn't tickle nearly as much as when the other person did it? Well, the true is the same for these shots of Lupron I've been taking! The other night, Troy had to work late, and since he has been injecting me with the shot, I found myself in quite the nervous predicament!

The last few times that Troy has been giving me the shots, it has hurt! Not in a big way, just enough to make me jump and exclaim: "Ouch!!!" So the night I had to do it by myself, I was worried that it was going to hurt worse doing it to myself.  What if I miss? What if I slip? What if the needle goes in sideways and I faint from shock? Okay, so it's not that bad or dire, but I would be lying if those thoughts and others didn't cross my mind! So I'm drawing up the syringe and measuring the right dose of Lupron, and here comes the big moment. I clean my belly area with an alcohol wipe, and take a deep breath, and say a quick prayer that God won't let me pass out, and I stick it in and push in the syringe! "Did I do it?" I ask myself. "Is that it, am I done?" I realize I had done it! Stuck myself with the needle I had been dreading since I knew Troy was gonna be late!

I've done it a few times to myself since then! Has been the same each time! Quick and very little pain! Tomorrow, I go for the first blood draw in this whole embryo transfer process! They will be checking the level of hormones and the level of Lupron in my blood and make sure that it is at a good level to proceed with the rest of the drugs and then the embryo transfer on the 23rd of August!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous as heck! The thoughts that whirl around in my head, and the pressure I've already put on myself for this whole thing sometimes is overwhelming but I am very hopeful for the intended parents and their future child or children!