Monday, August 5, 2013

Shots and things!

So, have you ever tickled yourself where someone else has tickled you, and it doesn't tickle nearly as much as when the other person did it? Well, the true is the same for these shots of Lupron I've been taking! The other night, Troy had to work late, and since he has been injecting me with the shot, I found myself in quite the nervous predicament!

The last few times that Troy has been giving me the shots, it has hurt! Not in a big way, just enough to make me jump and exclaim: "Ouch!!!" So the night I had to do it by myself, I was worried that it was going to hurt worse doing it to myself.  What if I miss? What if I slip? What if the needle goes in sideways and I faint from shock? Okay, so it's not that bad or dire, but I would be lying if those thoughts and others didn't cross my mind! So I'm drawing up the syringe and measuring the right dose of Lupron, and here comes the big moment. I clean my belly area with an alcohol wipe, and take a deep breath, and say a quick prayer that God won't let me pass out, and I stick it in and push in the syringe! "Did I do it?" I ask myself. "Is that it, am I done?" I realize I had done it! Stuck myself with the needle I had been dreading since I knew Troy was gonna be late!

I've done it a few times to myself since then! Has been the same each time! Quick and very little pain! Tomorrow, I go for the first blood draw in this whole embryo transfer process! They will be checking the level of hormones and the level of Lupron in my blood and make sure that it is at a good level to proceed with the rest of the drugs and then the embryo transfer on the 23rd of August!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous as heck! The thoughts that whirl around in my head, and the pressure I've already put on myself for this whole thing sometimes is overwhelming but I am very hopeful for the intended parents and their future child or children!



  1. Why are they giving you Lupron? Lupron forces your body into menopause.

  2. Nina, I was taking the lupron for just two weeks to suppress my own ovulation during my cycle.

  3. Ahh got it! Just now seeing this comment. Congratulations on the new pregnancy!!! :)