Tuesday, December 15, 2015

23 Weeks-Where did the time go?

Wow, I just realized that it's been 6 weeks since I've updated this blog! I have been very busy with homework, projects, studying for finals, and being a mom to two kids that time has just escaped me! But here we are, at the 23 week mark! Woohoo! One good thing about being so busy with school, and other things, is that I have been sort of distracted with the pregnancy that I sort of can't believe that I'm already more than half way there. Yay!

In my last post, I told you all the story of my experience in my doctor's office with the office staff and their problem with the ultrasound that I had requested on behalf of the intended parents. The last time I saw my doctor was at 20 weeks and the intended parents were at this appointment in person, since it was kind of a big appointment for the level 2 ultrasound that we had done. It was a good visit with them! We got to tour the hospital birthing center where I will be delivering their baby, and we got some preliminary paper work done that the hospital needs on their end, and the intended parents were able to ask questions, and I think it helped ease some of their fears of the unknown. They were also in awe of the size of the maternity rooms that are at the hospital I will be delivering at. I will labor and deliver, and recover in the same room. After the birth, they roll the hospital bed out, and a queen size murphy bed comes down from the wall behind, and is very spacious and roomy and comfortable! The intended mother had to share a room with a curtain when she delivered their daughter, and that was after a c-section! This will be a treat for them, I hope! As long as the hospital is not at capacity, they said they would be more than happy to provide a room for them to keep the baby in there with them, and just facilitate some bonding time. We got to hear the heartbeat for quite some time and it was very strong! Nice to see the smiles on their faces, and a little bit of worry leave their faces!

At the appointment, I waited until the clinical things were done, and the doctor was able to go about her normal check up for me, and then I brought up how I was treated when I came in for the ultrasound. As I suspected, the staff member that scolded me for having the ultrasound done was talking as if my doctor was upset and angry that I was having an ultrasound done that she hadn't authorized, when in fact, my doctor had no idea what was going on. She wasn't even asked! I told her what my experience was, and she was very apologetic and the more detail I gave her, the more upset she got. I asked her to please talk to the staff member that scolded me and to make sure that it didn't happen again. My doctor told me, from now on, to only call and talk to the nurse, and not talk to the office staff.  Done! She apologized to the couple and to me one last time, and off we went!

The appointment with the level 2 ultrasound was right after lunch the same day and so we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then headed over there. The level 2 ultrasound just allows the doctors to see a little more detail than what a level 1 ultrasound will allow in your OB's office. It allows them to measure all of the major organs, see the heart in lots of detail, see the brain, and of course the sex! The baby was moving around a lot which made some of their views very difficult, but for the most part, I think the doctor got what he needed. He asked that I return in 6 weeks (3 weeks from now), so that he could get a better look at the heart, since the baby had curled up and was blocking his view too much. No matter how much he pushed and tried to wiggle the baby to move, there was no budging! So I will return in 6 weeks, and we will try again! He said that what he could see of the heart looked good, that the blood flow was good, so I'm not sure what else he needed to see that he couldn't get a look at, but whatever! We want a healthy baby, right!?

The intended parents headed home with lots of pictures of their new baby boy! :) Yes, it's a boy! Yay!!!

So far, this pregnancy is treating me well. I've gained about 4 pounds so far, which my doctor is pleased with, and most of the exhausted feeling has subsided, except for some days, when I feel like I could sleep all day and night! Wouldn't that be nice? I'm not sleeping that great at night, getting up to pee several times, and I have been having some crazy dreams that wake me up and make it hard to fall back to sleep! Crazy pregnancy brain!

This semester of school is over! I made it, and accomplished my goal of straight A's, too! I retook two classes that are prerequisites for nursing school to improve my GPA, which will hopefully give me a better chance of being admitted to nursing school. It is very competitive, and this will be my fourth attempt at getting in, but the first since I have had my bachelor's degree. I have not given going back to school this much effort before, so I am really hoping that it pays off! My application is due April 1st, but since this baby is due the 10th, I am planning to submit everything mid March. Have to study for a test that is part of the application process, then can submit everything else. I am hoping I will know something by June about whether I got in or not! And this whole paragraph stresses me out!

The baby has been kicking away, and getting stronger every day, seems like! My placenta is in the front, which can make movements hard to feel, but this baby isn't letting that stop him for now! I imagine when he gets bigger and starts running out of room, that I may not feel movement as much, but we will see! It's nice to feel the movements get stronger, makes me feel like I am doing something right! :) I am so excited to deliver this baby to the intended parents! They are so excited and thankful, and I am so happy to do this for them! I have my regular check up with my doctor next week, and then the repeat ultrasound for a better view of the heart, two weeks later, so I will probably update again after that is done!

For those of you praying, thank you, and please keep it up! Pray for a good repeat ultrasound, and for my admission into nursing school, and for the overall health of the rest of this pregnancy!

Thanks for reading!