Monday, December 19, 2016

Postpartum Life

Well hi there, people! I cannot believe it is December, a week from Christmas, and I'm just now finding the time to update my blog! A lot has happened since labor and delivery post. As mentioned in previous posts, we sold our house in Spring Hill, and moved to Olathe. We love being back here, even though we were just 10 miles away in Spring Hill. Olathe feels like home, and our new home is great! We mostly moved to get my son into a better school and with Olathe school District, we knew we couldn't go wrong, but it truly has been amazing, and refreshing to have found such a great school where he is supported, encouraged to succeed, and where us as parents are part of the team to help him do so!

So I had the baby boy on April 8th, 2016. We closed on our new house on the April 15th, 2016, and then we started renovations on the 17th of April. It was a crazy 2-3 weeks. We moved everything into the new house, but into the garage, just put our mattresses on the floor, and camped out until everything got done. We weren't planning on having to paint the house inside, but once everything from the previous owners was moved, we ended up having to. So every wall surface of the house got painted inside, then the floors went in, and then a week delay for the new carpet to come off the truck, and get installed. Was so worth it, as we love it!!! We moved from a 3bed/2 bath, to a 4 bed/2 bathroom, but we are in the middle of putting in a third bathroom this week! YAY! Brae has settled in nicely at school, Kynlee is closer to her preschool, and I don't spend so much time in the car like before!

Recovery postpartum, took a little longer than I thought it would. Took a while for me to get my overall strength back, and not to feel super winded just going up a small flight of stairs, but slowly, I got there! Once I got cleared to work out again, I added it to my daily routine and that helped with feeling better too! Took me about 6-8 months to feel like I did before getting pregnant this last time. I say not too bad after a 4th pregnancy! Baby boy is doing great! His shoulder from the dystocia recovered within a week or two of the birth, and he didn't require any physical therapy! He's a big boy! Just spoke with Mom about a week ago, and she said that he is in the 90 something percentile for height and 80 something for weight! He's a happy, growing, loved little boy by all of those around him! It feels so great to see them growing as a family of four and hearing that they feel complete finally after years and years of trying!

During my postpartum recovery time, my agency reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be apart of a research project for them, where I would pretend to be a secret surrogate shopper for 23 other agencies. People, I didn't even know there were that many surrogacy agencies! I happily accepted their challenge, and after 320 hours of research done, I can happily say that I picked the right agency!

I can also happily say that I have decided to do one last surrogacy journey. I know, I know, I said that last time. I don't know if it was the research project that gave me the bug again, or if it's how good I feel since recovering from birth, but here I am, ready to do it one last time. I have been matched and am so looking forward to the journey ahead and for parent to get their long awaited baby! My OB cleared me medically, and in about a month, I will probably fly to Connecticut again and go to medical screening appointment!

I hope to get as much support and well wishes as you all have given me in the past, and I will keep updating my blog so you can follow along with me! Can't thank you enough for reading! I will update after medical screening appointment! In the meantime, gonna enjoy Christmas with my family, and a Happy New Year!

Thanks again for reading!!!