Monday, July 29, 2013


First, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement and support! Means a great deal to me, and I really appreciate it! 

So, part of the process to get ready for the embryo transfer is different drug injections and pills. Like  I mentioned before, I have been taking birth control pills to suppress my own ovulation for a few weeks now, and have about 5 days left of that. Saturday, I started a drug called Lupron. It is a drug that is preparing my body for another pregnancy. Seems kinda weird, I know, but the fertility clinic that is setting all this up, has been doing this for 35 years! I trust that they have this down to a science, and while I have read all of the drug facts, and its effect on the body, I will save you the boring details, and just tell you that this is the very beginning of injections. There will be Progesterone shots that will be coming up soon that I am really not looking forward to. They are much larger needles than what I'm using now, and the drug has to be injected into my gluteus maximus. They will make me very sore in the area, and so that's the reason I'm really not looking forward to it! 

Every night, since Saturday, I put the kids to bed, and then go grab my box that came in the mail full of all the supplies I need for these injections. 

Pretty simple really. It's just an insulin needle that I have to draw up 20 units of Lupron with, and then inject it into my belly every night. I have to make sure to clean the bottle of drugs, and clean the area I'm injecting, but other than that, it's relatively easy! Troy has been doing my injections for me, which  I like because it is a way he can be involved in the process! Now, if only I could stick him with the needle at least once! :) On August 6th, I will go to have my blood drawn to see what the levels are in my blood and will go from there. The units I will have to take will probably decrease from there and then another drug will start. 

I haven't really noticed a difference right now as far as side effects. The nurse I spoke to said the worst of it is PMS like symptoms. Great, right! Poor Troy if the effects start showing up! 

That's about it for now. Thanks for reading!


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