Thursday, March 5, 2015

I have some news!

Hello people!

I realize it has been a while since my last post but I finally have some news to share! I have officially decided to be a surrogate...ONE MORE TIME!!!

This will be my second and last time as a surrogate and to be honest, I'm kind of more excited that I thought I would be at this point. I just went to my doctor for my annual check up and she gave me the OK to have another baby, and even put it on paper for me so that I could send it in to the agency! So much easier this time to get that beloved piece of paper.

I can't tell you what really solidified my decision to rent out my oven again, other than this feeling that I can't seem to shake. I feel like I am supposed to do this one more time. Like, there is one more couple out there, just waiting for a surrogate to deliver them their baby. I can do that right? One of my friends that was pregnant with me at the same time last time, reminded me of something I said to her while I was pregnant and very uncomfortable. I told her to tell me I was crazy if I talked about doing this again lol. But the timeline of the last pregnancy is the same as this. It is 9 months. There is an end to some of the misery that comes with pregnancy. The truth is, I felt great with this last pregnancy, once the nausea was over with and I could control the heartburn towards the end. The payoff of seeing the joy in the parents' face when they are handed their newborn baby is more than enough to tough the 9 months out. I mean, really! I'm healthy, able, and willing to do this one more time. I ask myself a lot if I would regret not doing something when I am contemplating it, and the answer to this one is yes, I would regret it if I didn't do surrogacy again. So here I am! I know, I know, I'm crazy! You can say it, I know some of you are at least thinking it! :)

Baby Alice is almost 7 months old! Can you believe that? A lot of people have asked me how I am feeling since the birth and whether in the days and months that have passed, if I feel sad or regretful in any way that I don't have the baby. NOPE! Not at all! She was never mine to begin with and I don't have any sadness or regret! I actually feel like giving birth to Alice was something I did more than a decade ago or even in a passed life! It's weird to think that I gave birth to a human being 7 months ago! I kept saying during the whole pregnancy that it was like my brain and my body weren't attached because of the lack of emotion that I felt regarding the baby and any kind of attachment you would feel carrying your own child. Apparently, that hasn't changed even after birth and throughout the passed months! Maybe that's the way it should be?

I have been back in contact with the surrogacy agency and will be working with them again during this second and last journey. They were great to work with the first time, and I don't anticipate them being any different this go round! Being a surrogate the second time around is much easier than the first and far less time consuming. I did have to reapply and submit my latest medical records from Alice's birth, otherwise, I am good to go! I could potentially be matched with a couple next month! I realize, of course, that this second journey may not go as smoothly or as easily. I may not get pregnant on the first try, or I may end up on bed rest due to complications or being pregnant with twins. These are risks I am willing to take as I am fully aware of the large realm of possibilities. In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts sent my way. One try and a healthy pregnancy would be the most ideal but I am committing to this knowing that it may be a longer journey. The payoff is worth it though. Keeping my eye on the prize! :)

I will, of course keep you updated as things progress. I appreciate the support more than you know, and am looking forward to this next journey and the love and joy it will bring to a couple who so has a desire for a child of their own.

Thanks everyone, I will be in touch! :)


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