Monday, August 3, 2015

Results Day

Hi there,

Here we are again, made it to results day! I have to admit, I have been a little distracted with the waiting game this time around since we were getting ready to come back to Kansas, with packing and road tripping it took my mind off of it a little bit! But once the weekend hit, and we were home, I was getting pretty antsy!

So, when I got the call today, I was more than ready! The nurse on the phone said: "Hi Sarah, I have some great news this time! You're pregnant! Your levels look great! Good job, you did it!" Alright, I'm not exactly sure what I did, but who the heck cares! I'm pregnant, peeps! That is all that matters! The nurse said they want the HCG to be above 50 and my level was 137. They want the progesterone level to be above 12 and my level was 19. And while she didn't say what they want my level to be at for the estrogen, it was in the 800's, which she said was great! I will have another blood draw on Wednesday, just to check to make sure the levels are going up, and then if everything is good there, we will schedule the first ultrasound by mid August! That should give enough time for this little bun to get a strong heartbeat we can hear! Right now, I am considered to be 4 weeks and 1 day!

Now, for the confession: I cheated and took a pregnancy test on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Both were positive! By the end of the day on Saturday, I just wanted to know already! Ever since the transfer, I have had this gut feeling that I am pregnant. With the way the doctor and staff reacted to the transfer itself, and how pleased they seem to be, it gave me some courage to take a test. I also had noticed a few symptoms like a heightened gag reflex, sharp pains that only last a quick second in my uterus that continued even after the transfer day, a heightened sense of smell, and just getting clumsy, dropping things mostly. I also was talking to the intended mother via texts messages early on Saturday, and she told me that her and the intended father weren't going to be together today, due to work, and that sort of sealed the deal for me. So, I went and took the test, and Troy told me not to peak and he said he wouldn't either.  The test said to give it 2-10 minutes to view the results, and so I went about my business. About 5 minutes in, I went back upstairs and waited for Troy. He said: "Ok, here we go. I already peaked, and it's negative, except for it's positive!" Little stinker, right?! Pretty sure I had a small heart attack, and for a brief second, I went through going through another cycle in my head. Then when he said it was positive: relief, excitement, happiness, and cue the disconnect between my brain and my body. I gave it about 20 minutes to sink in slightly, and then I called the intended parents! They definitely weren't expecting my call, but were glad to talk! The conversation went like this:

Me: "Hey guys, I just took a pregnancy test, and it was positive!!!"
Them: "Oh. MY. GOD! Wait, what? Are you sure? Take another one!"
Me: "Yes, I'm pretty sure! Let's FaceTime, and I'll show you the test!"
Them: "OH MY GOD!!!"

They were so surprised and excited! They are being really cautious with their excitement but no one can blame them! They've been through a lot to get to this point, and it's only natural for them to feel this way!

For those of you who followed me through my last surrogacy, I talked about feeling as though my brain wasn't connected to my body a lot because I wasn't really registering all that my body was doing with growing a baby with the plans to give it back to the parents. The only thing I can think of for why I feel this way is because when you find out you're expecting one of your own, you immediately start thinking about what life will be like with another baby in the house, another sibling, making room for the baby, and all of that! As a surrogate, I don't have to put thought into any of those things! The pressure is off, for those things and it's the same thing this time around! I'm in a little denial most of the time, except for when I feel those little sharp pains! I'm also really not looking forward to the months of nausea ahead of me! With all three of my last pregnancies, as a surrogate or not, I am usually really nauseous by week 6. I'm just gonna take it as it comes at this point, and do what I can to feel good and keep this baby healthy!

So for those of you that are praying and sending good thoughts and vibes out this way, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time, even just for a minute! At this point, I would ask for all of your prayers, thought and good vibes to be directed towards another great blood draw on Wednesday, and for a good strong heartbeat after that! This little bun has some plans, I can tell!! :)


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