Wednesday, August 27, 2014

40 Weeks!

Alright folks,
 I have made it to 40 weeks pregnant! When I look back at this whole process, I can't quite process it all just yet, but it has definitely in a lot of ways flown by. It seems like just last month that I was finding out the results of the blood test to confirm whether I was pregnant or not!

It's been an interesting, stressful day. I took Brae to kindergarten this morning, and then rushed home to shower and get ready for my doctor's appointment this morning. The doctor checked me and I am still only dilated to a 1 and still 50% effaced. Apparently, this little french baguette is liking her oven, because she is in no hurry to come out! I have known pretty early on in this pregnancy that being induced was a big possibility because of the risk of stillbirth with the advanced maternal age of the intended mother, but I was really hoping she would decide to come on her own and we wouldn't have to deal with this whole inducing business. No such luck!

The plan last week was that if nothing changed between 39 and 40 weeks, I would be induced with Cervidil Wednesday night and then start Pitocin Thursday morning. So, here I sit in a hospital bed, with an IV, and Cervidil working its magic on my cervix. The idea is that it will soften and efface my cervix so that it will be more favorable to induce in the morning with the drug Pitocin. I have been very anxious and nervous the last few days leading up to this day. Everynight, I have gone to bed thinking tonight could be the night that she decides to come on her own, and every morning I wake up and I'm STILL PREGNANT! The last month has definitely been the hardest out of the whole pregnancy and the carpal tunnel I have had this time around is just about unbearable. It keeps me up for hours at night, so I'm really looking forward to some relief in this area after baby is born!

Tomorrow will be the day that this couple has been waiting for for a very long time!!! Their emotions are at the surface, and they are very much trying to convince themselves that this is real. They stayed with me for a few hours after the Cervidil was inserted and they will join me in the morning when Pitocin starts! Troy will join me after he drops off the kids with my awesome friend Nicole, and then the party will get started! I'm very nervous and scared about the Pitocin considering my last experience with it during my labor with Brae was nothing short of a nightmare, so please pray that everything goes smoothly and that me and the baby tolerate the drug okay and no emergency intervention is needed! I am going to try and get some rest before the big day tomorrow. I am ready to give this baby to her parents and they are ready to receive her!

The next update will be with baby news!!! :)


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